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Construction Services

Backed by decades of construction experience, our skilled craftsmen and cost-conscious managers do the job right while staying within your budget and timetable. Tenant Improvement When your space needs to be built out, upgraded or custom-designed for a specific tenant, Promax Services offers high-caliber workmanship…


Trash Chute Services

Our trash chute cleaning, repair and installation services are trusted by top property managers and Strata to ensure safe, sanitary living environments that keep tenants healthy and happy. Cleaning Using eco-friendly enzyme solutions, high-pressure washing and innovative odor blockers, our trained technicians provide thorough trash…


Hardscape Services

Vancouver and surrounding, Promax Services keeps billions of dollars of property in peak condition. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and efficient, hassle-free property maintenance for retail centers, government agencies, Business Improvement Districts, industrial properties and multifamily communities. Parking Lot Sweeping Our vacuum trucks, backpack…