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We have over 20 years of consultancy
experience in this area of business.

Who We Are?

Promax Serices Inc.

Promax Services is a new company in British Columbia but had over 20 years of experience in the consulting business of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, and Casinos.

On the pass, we have been all most all over the world helping a small and large business to modernize their companies to a standard world system that any person coming from any ware will not have any difficulties to integrate into a new position or a position that already have on a previous company.

How we translate this

This mean that we have the experience to take care of your business and understand your need.

PROMAX SERVICES currently services customers from Vancouver to Chilliwack and all areas in between. Our goal is to continue to provide transparent quality service regardless of geography.

PROMAX SERVICES Inc. is truly unique in the types of service that we offer. We have trained skilled craftsmen on staff that have experience and expertise in electrical, sign repair and installation, and lighting; HVAC and refrigeration; construction, plumbing, and others


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1 We help leadership teams create a clear and aligned vision of the future, and support them in making that vision a reality. We do that through facilitating strategic planning sessions, coaching and project management, and sharing leadership best practices.

An aligned strategic plan addresses common challenges your organization might be facing.

Are you a CEO, Director or Manager responsible for leading strategy?

Let's have a conversation about your current approach to strategy development.

We'll guide you through the process of creating a nimble strategic plan so you can transform your people, strategy, and culture on your way to long-term sustainable growth and success.


2Everyone moving in different directions

For your organization to achieve its goals, it's critical for each member of the leadership team to be moving in the same direction and focusing on the same priorities. Otherwise, you risk wasting time, money and energy going in multiple directions at once. Don't have unlimited money, time or people resources?

Lack of clear vision for the future

If success was a place, how would you know if you got there? Does your organization have a clear picture of what success looks like? We aren't talking about a Vision Statement, we mean a clear and vivid vision of what the successful future looks like, that will inspire and pull your team into action...

Your team talks in circles in meetings and you don't get things done

Nobody wants to show up to a meeting that was a waste of time; Especially if this meeting is to set the direction for the future of your organization and will impact each working hour of every single employee you have.

That said, you probably want to make sure that your strategic planning meeting is done right, the first time. As facilitators, our job is to make sure you meet your meeting objective of 100% of the time.

Your culture is not what you want it to be and people are leaving. (Or worse, the negative people are staying)

Whether you believe it or not, you have a culture. It dictates the behaviors, actions, and decisions of your employees on a second by second basis.

What if the behaviors you wanted to see in your team were there right now? What would that be like?

You can have the best strategic plan on paper, but if you don't have the values and behavior change to support the vision and the plan it won't make a difference. There's a reason culture eats strategy for breakfast. Do you really want to find out why?


Promax Services is a consulting & Services firm that specializes in helping organizations with their need planning process. We work with teams to facilitate conversations about strategic direction and business strategy so that our clients can focus their energy on what will move them forward faster.

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We work with you and carry out research to understand your needs and the needs of your customers.


Commercial interior and exterior lighting service, repair and retrofits are among our specialties.

Our skilled generalist technicians are equipped to provide an enormous amount of repairs and alterations to your facility.

Our air conditioning technicians are standing by, ready to diagnose and repair your air conditioning headaches, large and small.

Expertly delivered plumbing solutions for your business.

New construction and remodeling performed professionally.

Flawlessly keeping your business connected.