24/7 Emergency Service

For electrical emergencies such as power loss due to component failure, or to make an area electrically safe until proper repairs can be made; for example, after a break-in involving copper wire theft.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

As a service company, troubleshooting is something we do a lot of and it’s one of our specialties. Some of the common electrical problems we run into, identify, and correct include:

  • Short circuits caused by wiring issues, water ingress, or faulty components.
  • Sporadic electrical brownouts caused by faulty equipment.
  • Power loss in lighting, plugs, and other fixtures.

Exterior and Interior Lighting

Wallpacks, awning lights, fluorescent, MH (metal halide), HPS (high pressure sodium), and LED. We service all your lamps, ballasts, lenses, fixtures, and lighting controls such as motion detectors, timers and photocells.

If you need security solutions for your exterior lighting such as custom lighting security cages or locking light pole hand-hole covers, we can provide the right solution to guard against theft and vandalism. You can also call us for lighting or electrical upgrades such as upgrading T12 fluorescent fixtures to energy efficient T8 or T5 fixtures, or to upgrade the amperage of power supplying a new tenant space.

Illuminated Signs and Pylon Signs

Complete repair services for sign lighting, sign boxes, and sign faces, including neon signs and their high voltage transformers. We carry a complete stock of lamps, ballasts, and common fixture parts and sign parts on our trucks.

Parking Lot Pole Lighting

Servicing lamps and ballasts, replacing or upgrading fixtures, and replacement of rusted or damaged poles.

Regular Maintenance

We can schedule quarterly lighting checkups at your properties and service your common area lighting as needed. This includes lamps, ballasts, illuminated signs, lighting controls, and related electrical issues.