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Handyman Services

At Promax Services, we are redefining the meaning of “Handyman” to bring Property Managers a solution to tough maintenance problems.

Available 24/7, our commercial handyman program delivers reliable, high-quality services for planned or emergency situations. Name your need and we’ll dispatch one of our expert professional contractors. Backed by decades of construction experience, our skilled craftsmen and cost-conscious managers do the job right while staying within your budget and timetable. When your property looks its best, you are more likely to attract more customers, and staying on top of maintenance can help you avoid expensive fines.


Installing bollards on your property can help guide traffic and prevent vehicle intrusions.

Ceiling Tiles

Replace old and broken ceiling tiles so that your retail or commercial space looks up to date.

Concrete Car Stops

Car stops are helpful for preventing cars from parking in incorrect areas, such as sidewalks and illegally marked spots. They are useful for preventing damage to property from cars.


Graffiti can be a detractor to potential customers. With our high-pressure washing systems and graffiti-removing formulas, undesired graffiti can be easily removed.


All types of dumping can be handled by our team, including construction site debris and illegal dumping.


A fresh coat of paint can give your property a new look!


Potholes are dangerous for cars and their drivers and are a liability if not fixed.

Re-striping and Stenciling

Bright and visible lines make it easy for visitors to park and create a safer environment. In addition, a re-striping and stenciling project can keep you up to date with the latest ADA laws.


Placing signs for specific parking spaces and storefronts can not only help direct traffic but also ensure that your property is in compliant.

Slurry Seal Coat

This resurfacing treatment helps restore your property’s asphalt to an even, black color.

This is what enables Promax Services to bring you innovative repair and maintenance solutions and handymen that love a challenge.

If you don’t see the services that you will like to have, please call us, we provide more services that are not listed here.

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