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Trash Chute Maintenance Services

Our trash chute cleaning, repair, and installation services are trusted by top property managers and Strata to ensure safe, sanitary living environments that keep tenants healthy and happy.


Using eco-friendly enzyme solutions, high-pressure washing and innovative odor blockers, our trained technicians provide thorough trash chute cleaning that kills harmful bacteria, reduces legal liability and eliminates fire hazards and vermin. At each cleaning, we also conduct free inspections of intake and discharge doors. In addition, water reclamation is offered to help with the drought and serve clients who lack drainage.

Maintenance and Repair

Chute doors that don’t close properly can create fire hazards and leave your building vulnerable to safety code violations and fines. Promax Services trusted technicians can maintain, repair and replace worn hardware, doors, and chutes.


Promax Services fabricates and installs high-performance trash chute systems for new and renovated buildings.